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I was born in the United States, and lived with my family first in Malaysia and then in England. Living in both Asia and Europe at an early age gave me a love for the tremendous variety of sounds, rhythms, and textures of language and the human voice.

As a teenager, I attended the well-known alternative school in England, SUMMERHILL, and wrote a book about my experience called INSIDE SUMMERHILL, which was published along with my photographs, when I was 17 years old. After publication I lectured about my experience at Summerhill at colleges around the United States. 
I’ve been playing with my voice, writing songs and making music since I was a child. As a young man I lived in Japan for 16 years, working as a voice talent, singer and musician. I performed and recorded original music and songs, wrote and recorded TV and radio commercials, did voice-overs, narration, and every kind of voice job imaginable.

After returning to the US, I decided to use my experience and creative ability as a vocalist to help foreign speakers of English improve their pronunciation. After years of study and practical experience, I developed the POPENOE METHOD, a unique and highly effective approach to teaching American-English pronunciation.

I currently live in New York City, where I teach the POPENOE METHOD in person and online in private sessions and group classes. I produced the POPENOE METHOD ONLINE PRONUNCIATION VIDEO MASTER COURSE to reach foreign speakers of English anywhere in the world, and help them speak English with more comfort and confidence. 

I love living in this amazing international city, where I make music, swing dance, and enjoy connecting with people of so many nationalities, culture and languages!

Pronunciation is a physical skill

* We shape our voice into language using our jaw, tongue, teeth, and lips.
* Every language is spoken with its own unique mouth movements, rhythm patterns and intonation. In our first language, these movements flow effortlessly and unconsciously. 
* As a non-native speaker, mastering fluent English pronunciation requires learning to move your mouth in new ways.
* Think of this like training at a 'MOUTH GYM,' where you learn and practice conscious, focused, physical exercise.
No regular English teacher could have pointed out to me how to make my English easier to understand. Josh made me realize that a minor change can result in tremendous improvement. Thank you!!
-Naoko Honda
Joshua’s revolutionary correction method will be surprisingly effective in improving your pronunciation.
-Yuuhi Masui (fashion-related businessman)
Joshua’s lessons focus not only on pronunciation, but on what muscles around the mouth to use and what mouth shapes make which sounds. I don’t think you can find this kind of teacher anywhere else!
-Sayuri Goto (jazz pianist)
Josh's method is well-organized and easy to understand. His basic step-by-step system starting from vowels, consonants, rhythm and connection, really helps me understand the structure of English pronunciation and be able to use it in my everyday conversation. 
-Bina Kijmedee (graphic designer)
I used to have a strong complex about my English. When I began Josh's pronunciation class, I was astounded! He pointed out basic pronunciation mistakes that I hadn’t been able to hear, and taught me how to use the muscles in my mouth to achieve the correct pronunciation. 
-Mari Koga (jazz vocalist)


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