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A New 16 Week Session of the Singer's Pronunciation Course Begins October 2022!

Learn how to sing in English with better pronunciation, rhythm, connection and flow!

Starting on Saturday October 8th at 9pm in NYC
Sunday October 9th at 10am in Japan

♪Part 1♪

Part 1 consists of 8 group lessons, held once a week for 120 minutes
All lessons are live online using Zoom audio and video

The regular price for Part 1(
8 classes)is $350
There is currently a special discount of $260*25% off

Class size is limited to a maximum of 16 people

This course will dramatically improve your ability
to sing in English

*This fee is for the 2 months of Part 1. Part 2 will be an additional payment.

Singers Pronunciation Course Description

This series of classes will help you sing better in English. There are two parts. The first is to build a foundation of technique you can use for any song. Using original songs composed for this training course, you'll learn the mouth shapes and sounds for every vowel and consonant, how to connect words smoothly, and how to sing with a natural rhythmic groove. You will also learn to add pronunciation symbols to your lyrics, which is essential. Most exercises will be sung. Every student will receive individual feedback and correction. As your technique singing in English improves and you begin to develop new muscle memory, you will be able to focus more on your own interpretation and expression of any song.

The second part is to apply these techniques to your own song. You will practice adding all necessary pronunciation marks to your lyrics, including IPA, connection and rhythm marks. You will receive one-to-one coaching for your song. You will also receive the lyrics for every other class member's song, and watch the coaching they receive. It's a great opportunity to learn and practice new songs.
Course Structure

The full course is divided into 2 parts. Each part consists of 8 classes, taught once a week.

PART 1 (OctoberNovember 8 classes)
The elements and techniques of pronunciation as applied to singing: Vowels and Consonants 

PART 2 (DecemberJanuary 8 classes)
Pronunciation elements and techniques continued:
Rhythm and Connection
Learn how to mark your own song for pronunciation
and receive one-to-one coaching for your song

How good must my singing and pronunciation be
to join this class?

Even if you are new to English pronunciation you can join this class. All the techniques you will learn for singing apply equally to speaking, and you can think of speech as a kind of singing with a different melody.

You don't have to be a professional singer to join, but please be seriously interested and enthusiastic about improving your singing pronunciation.

Class Details  

Each class is 120 minutes.

This training course uses short original songs, each written to focus on specific aspects of pronunciation: vowels, consonants, rhythm and connection. This allows you to concentrate on just a few things at a time, and build your skills in a realistic, effective way. The songs reflect a wide variety of styles; jazz, pop, Broadway and ballads.

The lyrics to every song have IPA symbols, and rhythm and connection marks. A recording and musical score for every song is provided before each class, giving you time to learn it.

Other aspects of singing are also practiced, including basic scat singing techniques. Questions are always welcome!

A small mirror is required, and members can record the class with an audio recorder or smartphone.

Each class is recorded, and a link to the Zoom video will be sent to you after each class, available for review and practice for one week.

Watch this video to learn about the singers class.

For questions about the course, Click here 

Singers Pronunciation Course Schedule
 (October November)

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Singers Pronunciation Course Schedule
 (December January)

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Part 1 registration is due
by the beginning of October

Part 1 Course Fee - $260

Part 2 registration is due
by the beginning of December

Part 2 Course Fee - $260

Register for the Class Here!

Make your payment using PAYPAL
December/January Online Singers Class Registration
Make your payment using any major credit card.
Registration will be closed when the 16 person limit is reached

If you have questions about payment, click here 

Watch Josh's Music Video

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Private coaching in person or by Zoom is also available.
For more information, please use the
contact page.

I am a jazz vocalist who divides my time between Tokyo and New York. For a long time I had extreme difficulty unifying my English pronunciation and jazz vocals when singing, and then five years ago a vocalist friend recommended Josh’s class. In the first lesson when I looked at my mouth in the mirror, I was surprised when I compared it to Josh’s! I realized for the first time that mine was moving unnaturally. Josh has affection for each and every word and is deeply attached to English, Japanese and music. His respectful teaching causes me to see the light every time. For not only vocalists but all those who want to communicate with feeling in English, I highly recommend Josh’s class!
-Yuko Kimura
Try singing with this video!

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