Popenoe Method

The Art of Pronunciation

Online Video Course

The Popenoe Method Online Pronunciation Course is a complete and comprehensive 105 video self-study pronunciation course designed for Japanese speakers of English.
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Group Classes in New York City

Joshua Popenoe offers weekly group lessons in the Popenoe Method every month throughout the year in midtown Manhattan. Classes are held on Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon, and Saturday morning.
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Individual Sessions by the Hour

Personal coaching by the hour is available to help you prepare for business presentations, acting jobs and auditions, recording sessions, public-relations events, award ceremonies, and casual receptions. Feel confident that you are speaking with the tone, nuance, and body language most appropriate to the occasion.
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Singers Pronunciation Class

This series of classes will help you sing better in English. Using original songs composed for this training, you'll learn the mouth shapes and sounds for every vowel and consonant, how to connect words smoothly, and how to sing with the natural rhythmic syncopation of English. You will also learn to add pronunciation symbols to your lyrics, which is essential. Most exercises will be sung.
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Lectures / Workshops

Joshua Popenoe offers lectures and workshops for large and small groups, where he explains why English pronunciation is difficult for Japanese speakers, and demonstrates how the Popenoe Method can improve your English pronunciation. These lectures include exercises that attendees can try for themselves to see how their pronunciation will change.
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Watch video clips from Joshua Popenoe's lecture/workshop at the Nippon Club in New York City.
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