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The Art of Pronunciation

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The Popenoe Method Online Pronunciation Video Course

The Popenoe Method Online Pronunciation Course is a complete and comprehensive 105 video self-study subscription course. It starts with videos that explain the mechanics and fundamental elements of pronunciation, how to practice, and why pronunciation symbols are necessary for accurate English. This is followed by instruction and practice videos for every vowel and consonant, and multiple videos about rhythm and connection which show you how to connect syllables into words, and words into flowing, rhythmically correct patterns of English. It includes an ear training section and practice sentences that integrate all the elements of the course together. Below is a compilation video with short excerpts from every section of the course.
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Comments from Subscribers

“It has been great and it is easy to follow, because one unit is short enough with very clear explanations.”

“These Popenoe video programs are very great!! I couldn't understand how to pronounce English, but this method teaches me the pronunciation
so precisely. I am so lucky to know this online course.”

“I‘ve joined your online course yesterday! It’s amazing!! I’ll practice everyday with videos.”

“I have never seen such a clear and comprehensive pronunciation program, explaining from individual sounds to rhythm and connection as a sentence.”

“I accessed and enjoyed the lessons for awhile. It’s so joyful and so hard to stop. It’s really amazing!
Everything is beyond perfect, I feel.”


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    Remove Card and Cancel Subscription.
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